Beautiful Isn't Always Quiet


In order to spend more time together, my husband and I are working out as a couple in group fitness classes right now. Today we took Cardio Kickboxing, which was one of the most intense workouts I have done in a while. The heart pounding music with the nonstop cardio really pushed me to what felt my physical limit. Which felt great! Our instructor was out of town today, so we had a substitute. Admittedly, part of what I like about our fitness club is that I come to personally know the instructors and their routines, rhythms, teaching style and encouragement style. So when there was a new substitute I had never met before, I felt a little disappointed. This initial disappointment was completely unfounded. Our instructor, Audra said something to us during the class that was profound and noteworthy, so I am sharing it today with our readers.

During a fast paced choreography sequence that included jabs, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks and front kicks, our instructor offered encouragement for us to keep on going and keep trying our hardest.

"Beautiful isn't always quiet. Be loud if you need to. Being loud... right here... today.... is beautiful. You can do it."

Basically telling us if we had to make noises or be vocal to get through the sequence, to do it.

As someone who is really encouraged and supported by affirmation, I am always eager to hear praise and encouragement from a teacher. What she said rang so true.

Has there even been a time you thought the assumed thing to do was be quiet, but you just couldn't keep quiet? Have you ever stated your opinion about something important, even when the environment may have been hostile? Have you gone out on a limb... ever?

I know we have a diverse audience reading this blog. You are worthy to listen to. Your insight, opinions and experiences matter. As women, it is way too easy to second guess ourselves. Today I encourage you to trust your gut. Speak your truth. Go with that. Your intuition will rarely lead you in the wrong direction.