Phil and Teds Verve Review


As a mother to two children under two, one of my major priorities was finding a double stroller. The desired qualities in the double stroller I was looking for included: sleek, functional, ease of use, versatility and foldability. I purchased the Phil and Teds Verve and have been incredibly happy with this stroller even two years later.


I am not against having a side-by-side double stroller, and in fact when I went to go purchase this one, I had in mind a side-by-side stroller. However, after using this incredibly easy to navigate stroller, I am sold on the benefits of inline and not side-by-side. The second seat sits under the first one, so it is still as "long" as a single stroller. And the second seat's views aren't obstructed, as it still gets 300* degree views all around. I have never had to worry about this stroller fitting through doors - it works every time.  In my opinion, though, the most valuable aspect of this stroller comes into play when going through the aisles of clothing stores or even the supermarket.

If you have ever been in a clothing store at the mall with a stroller, you know that it can sometimes be a bit of a tight squeeze, and it is literally impossible to go in some stores with a side-by-side stroller.  The Phil and Teds Verve fits through any sized aisle with ease, as it is actually thinner than some of the single strollers that I have tried.  Aside from the mall, I live close to my grocery store so I have the ability to walk there for a quick trip.  You might think grocery store aisles are wide, and you would be right in comparison to clothing store isles, until someone tries to come down the aisle going the other way.  With most double strollers you would be forced to back down the isle every time or force the other person to do the same.  With the Phil and Teds Verve - no more!

Versatility The Phil and Teds Verve features a stroller that easily converts into a single or double stroller. Since I wear my babies so often in the early months, I didn't want to have a double stroller that wasn't versatile. It also has a "peanut" function where you can remove the first seat and insert a bassinet type bed, and the second seat can still be a seat.  The stroller also comes with many detachable visor attachments that allow for full coverage from the intense sun.

Ease of Use

Since it is lightweight at under 30 pounds (consider the Double BOB is 43 pounds), I can easily pull this stroller out of my trunk and open it up. My fine motor skills take a while to learn how to open and close things and to lock things, and I learned this stroller so quickly which I think speaks to it's ease.


If I am making such a big investment in a stroller system, I hope it will be cute! This one gets so many compliments from everyone!  When people see me coming in my Verve, I always get a smile as they greet my child in the front of the stroller, and then a delighted squeal when the pass us and realize that I have another one tucked behind the first.  People are used to seeing the double-wide strollers and are fascinated to see that there is a better way.


I was a little skeptical at first, after having seen so many people use the double-wide strollers for their young children, but after having used the Phil and Teds Verve for a number of years now, I can't imagine using anything else. The Phil and Ted's Verve with second seat, canopy, Peanut bassinet and cute seat covers averaged my family around $1,000. An investment that I consider well worth it and has brought me so much peace of mind and making my life easier and mothering two very tiny children more enjoyable. I confidently recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a double stroller who wants a quality product.


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