You’re pregnant with your baby and you’re excited!   (But also a little anxious and nervous!)

You’ve waited for this time for a while, and now that it’s here, you’re ready for the professionals to come in and give you some direction and support.

You’ve hired the best doctor and you also want the best emotional support to help you and your family.

That’s exactly what we do, my dear!

I’m Krystal Cleaver, The Preppy Doula, and my passion is helping ambitious and smart women in their pregnancies and postpartum – one trimester at a time.

I started Doulas of Denver, Denver’s premier doula agency, to give clients the best experience possible with the optimum choices for doula care. As a doula agent, I match pregnant women with the pre-screened, certified, insured and compassionate doulas in the Denver area. If you want to take the guess work out of hiring your doula, you can take a deep breath because you have come to the right place. I have the highest qualified potential candidates for you to meet and it is my deepest honor and pleasure to watch clients feel supported with the doulas I have matched them with. I have earned a 100% success rate as a doula agent, due to my acuity and experience level both as a doula and an agent.

Labor and birth can feel scary, but with your doula by your side, you will birth in style! We help our clients by meeting them where they are at, without bias or judgement, and offering our support and encouragement. You have probably already figured it out by now, but this is a different style of doula care. Notice we don’t have birth philosophies or your need to take education for us to support you in a doula-client relationship…

By including Doulas of Denver in your experience, you will feel confident with our guidance and support in conjunction with your doctor’s care. You deserve the best, and you can rest assured that this will not be a scary experience, but an enjoyable one that you will remember for your entire life.

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More about krystal...


I have been living in Colorado for 11 years now, after I moved here from the East Coast. I graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s in Sociology, got married, and had two children. I am now in school again for nursing, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Denver College of Nursing in September 2019. 

I absolutely love excitement, fun, and being playful. From a young age I have been brazen, which has gotten me to the point I am at today. When I am not being a student nurse or doula, you can find me enjoying time with my family. Much like most Colorado residents, we put our kids on skis as soon as they were out of diapers and we love heading to the mountains! I also try to head to the beach as often as possible, my favorite island being Jamaica.