Imagine the day where you wake up excited to see your baby.

They have been sleeping peacefully through the night and you wake up refreshed and happy to start the day. Your baby naps on a predictable schedule, with ease, which offers you peace of mind. Knowing your baby is getting optimal sleep for brain development is reassuring, and affords your entire household the peace and serenity that comes with a stress-free sleeping schedule. 



If you are dreading nighttime, tired during the day, needing a nap to feel better, unable to speak fluid and coherent sentences, exhausted, irritable, anxious, and/or depressed, you may be sleep deprived.


If your baby doesn’t settle easily, needs to be fed or rocked to sleep, help staying asleep, waking frequently through the night, not napping, or unpredictably napping, these are also all signs baby could be sleep deprived. 


Being a new parent does not mean you need to suffer through sleep deprivation. It is not the badge of honor that society tries to trick us into believing. 


Sleep Coaching: 2 Options 


Book a 48 hour live-in sleep training, where our sleep trainer will come to your home and sleep train your baby. You will be given the tools and information on how to continue the good habits instilled, and you will rest assured knowing your baby is being tended to by a caring sleep expert. You are free to be in the home, or take a vacation during this time and come home to a baby who is happy and joyful from their newly acquired sleep habits. 

Alternately, have a one hour sleep coaching call. This call requires a thorough intake assessment prior to the call, where your routines, habits, desires, goals, and preferences are outlined. During the call, you will talk about what you are struggling with, how to overcome these challenges, and the actionable steps needed for your own defined success. Included are two email follow ups for minor tweaks that may come up! 



Just wanting to get some sleep at night while you heal, recover and sleep through the night yourself?