Postpartum Plan


The Cleaver Family's Postpartum Plan

We are thankful for our amazing family and are excited to spend time with you and introduce you to baby Faith. She is 6 pounds 5 ounces and 18 inches long! She looks just like her daddy! As we transition home with baby Faith, please understand that this is a very important and delicate time. Krystal is recovering from childbirth and suffering from lack of sleep. As such, we will not be entertaining guests for extended visits until 4 weeks postpartum. Our postpartum doula from Doulas of Denver will be here and will help you understand exactly what we need and how you can best help us. We truly look forward to longer visits as soon as the time is right.

If you are here, please:

Keep your visit under 1 hour.

Use hand sanitizer upon entering our home.

Do not ask to hold Faith.

Do not talk to us about how different newborn care was 30 years ago (it makes me feel like I am doing something you do not approve of, even if that is not what you meant).

Pick up groceries from Whole Foods (grocery list is on the counter)

Please do not offer to help with cleaning the house.


If Krystal is sleeping, please:

Do not wake her unless the baby needs to eat.

Keep noise, chatter and volumes down low in the home.

Understand sleep is imperative for a healthy and successful recovery from childbirth.


Krystal is breastfeeding. This means:

She will be feeding our baby from her body, and most likely without a shirt on.

She is sensitive to talk about formula and bottles so please do not mention it.

Encouragement is wholeheartedly welcome.

She will be feeding our baby anywhere in her house that she chooses.


If Krystal seems emotional, please:

Sit beside her and listen to her struggles and do not try to fix it.

Put on her favorite television show or movie (see list below).

Know warning signs of postpartum depression.

Request more postpartum doula hours from Doulas of Denver.

Do not tell her to enjoy every moment. She loves her baby but that doesn’t mean learning how to be a mommy is easy.


Favorite meals:

Fresh tossed salad with Italian dressing

Chicken salad sandwiches

Green smoothie with spinach, apple, avocado and pineapple

Macaroni and cheese with peas

Cheeseburgers with a fresh salad

Roasted chicken with potatoes and brussel sprouts

Grilled cheese with spinach and basil puree

If you bring a meal, please leave it quietly on our doorstep and notify us via text message the meal is there.

We thank you for respecting our sleep needs and privacy and for your generosity. 


Our Village of Support:

Breastfeeding help, Doulas of Denver, 720-675-8343

Church, Pastor Rick, 720-555-5555

Krystal’s mom, Karen 720-675-8343

Daren’s mom, Beverly, 720-303-8343

Jamie (postpartum doula) 720-675-8343

House Cleaning Services, 720-555-5555


Favorite TV shows:

Brothers and Sisters


Parks and Recreation

Orange is the New Black


Krystal's Self Care Plan:  

Weekly massage

Postpartum doula help 3x a week

Napping as much as possible

Eating healthy, whole foods

Weekly Pedicures

Mom's night out with girlfriends


Daren's Self Care Plan:

Going out to eat for Pho

Going to see a movie

Playing a 9 hole game of golf


This post is inspired by Heidi Shulista's post here. Heidi is a professional ProDoula Trainer for Labor and Postpartum and mentor to many doulas.