The Case for Not Rushing My Children

Having two toddlers and being a working mother, more than I like to admit I am rushing my children. Hurry, let's put our shoes on!

Let's go, let's not be late!

Hustle, hustle!

It's embarrassing to even type, much less admit out loud, yet the words come out unfiltered and unintentionally so often.

I have to walk with a cane right now due to a procedure I recently had done and because of this I am moving very slowly. I have to take each step cautiously and deliberately, so typical errands and outings take much longer than usual. Then, when my daughter accompanied me on a trip to Whole Foods, my perspective changed.

We arrive at Whole Foods, and my daughter walks slowly with me, gently holding my hand, and never once tells me to hurry up.

Not once tells I am moving too slow.

Never utters a word other than encouragement.

She congratulates me for putting one foot in front of the other.

This experience has taught me a life-long lesson about having patience and giving my children the space for independence to do things on their own, in their own time. And how to soak in the world moving just a little bit slower.

There is no reason to briskly plow through our lives. Savoring the moment by moving just a little bit slower is something I needed to learn to do. Learning to do this with the help of a 4 year old was humbling.

And not being told to "hurry up" from my daughter, who I have told that phrase to way too many times, was enough to show me what true patience and compassion look like.

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