Healthy Sleep: Tips for Putting Baby Down Awake


Here are some tips on starting good, healthy, and safe sleep habits right from the start. One of these habits is putting baby down drowsy but awake. There is some gold here in this blog and I am going to keep this short and sweet!

  • As soon as baby starts to appear tired (90 minute awake cycle, red eyebrows, yawning, staring out into space), place baby swaddled and with a pacifier in crib.
  • White noise should be already be on, black out curtains should be drawn.
  • Caregiver should walk out of the room.

The earlier this habit starts, the better. So that means right when baby comes home from the hospital, you can start doing some healthy sleep habits that will serve you and your family well. There is no cry it out when they know no other way to take a nap other than being placed lovingly and calmly in their crib :)

Drowsy, but awake, is key to developing a good habit. Putting a sleeping baby in a crib is GREAT, but if you want to develop optimal skill levels, drowsy and awake is key.

Happy dreaming!