How to Have Your Best Birth


At Doulas of Denver, we truly support you in your choices when it comes to your birth, whatever those choices are. We support natural births, natural births with epidurals and/or narcotics, and cesarean birth. We believe in and trust our clients to know what is best for them. Our clients sometimes come to us asking us for evidence-based information, and when that happens we are happy to offer it. Because of this and the wide variety of options for birth in the Denver area, it can seem difficult to articulate how to have a great birth here, which we are often asked about.

Here are some tips that will help you have your best birth, whatever that looks like for you as a woman and as a mother.

1. Have Support During Pregnancy and Birth

Having support throughout your pregnancy and birth is so important. Your support person should be able to listen to you without judgement, and you should feel free to speak to this person about anything on your mind, without fear of their reaction or opinion.

2. Have a Supportive Care Provider

Having a supportive care provider is easy to arrange in Denver, because in Denver we are surrounded by amazing doctors, midwives and nurses. Your care provider supporting you in your choices will help you feel confidence, secure and emotionally satisfied about having a birth team that is "on-board"!

3. Take What You Want, Leave the Rest

If we could emphasize one of these tips the most, it would be this one. In the age of the internet and Google Scholar, where families are able to take it upon themselves to research and become educated, there is the opportunity for information overload. There are also so many childbirth classes that come highly recommend that span a variety of theories. There is so much emphasis on becoming educated, and if that is what *you* truly want to do, then by all means... go for it! We 100% support you. If the amount of information available feels even the least bit overwhelming to you, we encourage you to take a deep breath, take what you want and leave the rest. The same goes for all that unsolicited advice that you are being offered by well-meaning family members and friends. Take what feels good to you, and leave the rest.

Ultimately, we encourage you to have emotional support, have support from your care provider, and take in just as much information as you see fit for your family. Every woman and family has their unique philosophies and needs regarding birth, and at Doulas of Denver, we support you in all of your choices.