The How's and Why's of Baby Swaddling

wrap (someone, especially a baby) in garments or cloth.
"she swaddled the baby tightly"
Parents and care givers commonly swaddle babies as a means of calming and soothing the baby and getting them down to rest. This technique has been used throughout history and is proven to have several benefits.

Doulas of Denver is guiding you through the how and why you could be swaddling your baby.

First and foremost, who doesn't want to be wrapped up in a soft cotton blanket? Baby spend it's first stages of life tucked up in mom's belly and doesn't always seem to want to come out. The world is colder, louder, overstimulating and baby wants to be swaddled. Quiet and warm.

Modern day swaddle blankets, much like the older products, keep baby tightly wrapped and limits the extent of movement.

Learning how to properly swaddle your baby can be a seemingly life saving trick when you can't seem to calm a crying baby otherwise. All it takes is a few folds and what follows is often times peace and quiet.

Research has shown that swaddling can decrease crying by 42% in infants 8 weeks old or younger.

There is a catch to your little baby burrito however, they will outgrow this after a couple of months when they are stronger and have learned more about their own movements.
In the meantime, let's continue with all the benefits of swaddling.
It is stated that a baby who sleeps while swaddled on their backs will not only stay asleep for longer periods of time, but the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) decreases significantly.

"A properly swaddled newborn, with their face up, will be less likely to fidget and shift in sleep and end up on their tummy."

When baby sleeps well, so do the parents and sleep is healthy. It is said that swaddling coincides with a prolonged REM (rapid eye movement) cycle during baby's sleep. This deeper state of sleep decreases the odds of he or she being woken up by other things.

Even small amounts of added rest allows for a better mental state of mind and more focus throughout the day, often relieving the stresses of adjusting to new routines at home.

So how exactly do you swaddle your baby?

Doulas of Denver is here to help!

First, here is an easy to follow guide on how to swaddle your baby.

It may take you a few tries before you have perfected this technique and that's ok, you'll get it down.

Did you know that there exist multiple ways to swaddle your little one?

Not every baby is the same, so here are some great videos for tips and tricks for babies who like to wave, squirm and try to bust out brought to you by our friend, ProDoula Trainer and Co-Owner of Doulas Northwest, Kristyn Blocher.

Doulas of Denver has a few picks for some of our favorite swaddle designs for you to check out like those from Aden + Anais , BuyBuyBaby and Woombie.

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