For After Baby is Here...

Once your little person has arrived your family experiences a whole new set of needs. Doulas of Denver has thought of everything to bring the peace to your parenting journey.


Overnight Care

You wake refreshed to clean kitchen counter tops, washed bottles, sleeping babies, and a smiling face offering you coffee. Is it a dream? A movie?

No! It's Overnight Care with the Night Nannies and Postpartum Doulas from Doulas of Denver.

Caring for families who breastfeed, bottle feed, and combo feed, Doulas of Denver has extensive experience with helping families of all shapes and sizes get a restful nights' sleep and wake peacefully. Offering professionally trained, certified, and insured caregivers, we match you with someone who will make your journey into parenting your new little one a smooth and beautiful one. Bring care home, hire professional and qualified help to ease your transition.

Daytime Postpartum Support

Our most popular service, offered by some of the most experienced professional newborn care specialists is our newborn care and postpartum doula services.

Our newborn care is by far, our most beneficial and celebrated offering. Krystal has been working with young families for over 10 years, and has a background in both Montessori and Waldorf styles. She is extremely well versed in sleep training, infant care, and secure attachment for infants and newborns. If you want highly specialized infant care for your new baby, this is it. All of the newborn care specialists at Doulas of Denver have worked with a variety of infants, including premature, colic, GERD, and other needs.

And, as professional postpartum doulas, we are skilled and experienced in support for not only you but your entire family. We commit to helping you rest and restore your energy after your baby is born, by nurturing you and your family. You will feel confident knowing your family’s needs are taken care of by doulas who specialize in supporting the postpartum time period. Rates from $25-$40/hour based on package selection.


Bottle Help

If you have waited to introduce the bottle, or are otherwise experiencing bottle refusal, we have two options for solutions. 

One, is a one-hour coaching call with Krystal giving you 5 actionable steps on how to get baby consistently taking a bottle when needed. This is recommended if your baby has previously taken a bottle and the refusal is a newer behavior. 

The other option is a 36 hour live-in training where Krystal troubleshoots and solves the bottle refusal. Our methods are gentle, and effective, and we do not force feed. You are welcome to nurse during this time.