Sky Ridge: Doulas of Denver's Experience


Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colorado has an incredible campus. With new construction, happy and enthusiastic employees around every corner, it is hard to imagine any patient ever wanting to actually leave the hospital once their stay is complete! We are grateful to be welcomed, as doulas, with open arms into this hospital. This post was prompted by some of our families expressing concern of things they had heard about Sky Ridge from others. We decided to lay it out as clearly as possible. From our experience, is that it is a great place to give birth, if you want to give birth there! Do not let others fear monger you into thinking otherwise. Here are some reasons why.

Expertise Every single labor and delivery nurse, the charge nurse, the doctors, the anesthesiologists and NICU nurses are smart, capable, credible, intelligent and want what is best for you and your baby. The staff at Sky Ridge Labor and Delivery have set the bar high for labor and delivery floors across the country. Our clients feel incredibly safe, supported and taken care of while at Sky Ridge. With a Level IV NICU, parents know that their baby is in the best hands possible if care needs to be extended to the baby for any reason.

Support So much so that they proudly declare it on their website, Sky Ridge supports all birth plans, including births with medicinal pain relief, unmedicated births and VBACs. They have doctors available 24/7 so you do not have to worry about missing your chance for an epidural. Also, they have squat bars and birthing balls for those wanting comfort before or instead of an epidural. The nurses and doctors support you in your choices while offering expert medical care.

Baby-Friendly Sky Ridge has acquired the hard-earned designation for being a "baby friendly" hospital. There are many steps to earn this title (as it is not given lightly), and simply put this means that Sky Ridge cares and implements policies in favor of successful breastfeeding. For those that need it to supplement with or choose to use it, Sky Ridge has donor milk available for babies.

Respect Sky Ridge Medical Center has seen it all! With around 250 deliveries a month, you can rest assured that your birth plan and philosophy will be tended to with expertise and support. As your professional doula, we will interact with mutually respectful exchanges and all work together cohesively with the medical staff. The respect we have for the nurses and doctors at Sky Ridge is founded on experience and trust for what they do.

You can certainly see why our experience at Sky Ridge has been a positive one and why all of our clients having their baby at Sky Ridge report high levels of satisfaction. There isn't much left to be desired!  As always, whether you are choosing a doctor or certified nurse midwife for your birth, we will support both you and your care provider with judgement free support. We trust you, as you trust your care provider. What matters is that you feel confident and great about where you are giving birth. And we will, undoubtedly, immediately support you in your choices without hesitation. You can count on that.


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