Transparency in Placenta Encapsulation


Doulas of Denver is incredibly passionate about women having the choice of placenta encapsulation remain an option, if it is something they choose to do.  Because of this caring attitude, we choose to offer placenta encapsulation in Denver in a way that has never been done before and that isn't being done by anyone else here in Denver. By exclusively offering in-home encapsulation to our clients, all questions and uncertainty are completely eliminated. Our unique process is a completely transparent procedure that our clients are involved in and integral in. When we arrive to your home to prepare your placenta, you know, without any question, that it is your placenta being prepared. You are right there to hand it to us because you transported it. Even if someone is using a commercial-grade style kitchen at a brick and mortar location, and prepares your placenta there, that does not eliminate all the doubt that it is only your placenta.

In a desire to uphold our self-imposed standards because this industry is unregulated and it is our deepest desire to see this service continued to be offered to women in years to come… we only prepare your placenta for you in your kitchen. This is similar to private chefs who prepare food in their clients homes. There is no uncertainty about what is happening because it transparently done in your home. The clarity and lucidity in which this happens should be desired by all parties.

Having a postpartum expert in your home, answering questions about not only placentas, but newborns, postpartum care, breastfeeding and so much more the day you arrive home is something we are chiefly ecstatic about offering. The average time our placenta specialists will be in your home is approximately 4 hours. This is 4 hours of an expert available to answer any questions, or if you just like to have someone to talk to, she is there to joyfully chat it up with you!

The choice to encapsulate your placenta is one that Doulas of Denver hope remains an option for women who desire it. By implementing this procedure, it is our hope that this continues to be an option for women.