Tips for Great Sex After Childbirth


Sometime around your 6 week check up, you have received clearance from your care provider that sexual intercourse and/or sexual intimacy is physically safe. YAY! If both of you are willing, mentally and emotionally ready, and physically ready, then ignore this list… and get to it! If not, hopefully these tips will help you understand that many people have concerns about this postpartum, and that you are not alone. The only acceptable answer about when it is time to resume sexual relations after childbirth is when both partners are physically and emotionally ready and consent freely. But. Sex. After. Childbirth. ZOMG.

Regardless of cesarean or vaginal birth, the thought of intimacy after childbirth can bring feelings of nervousness, anxiety, uncertainty, newness, unfamiliarity and lots of other good stuff for both parties. Here are some tips to help both individuals proceed with intimacy after childbirth.

1. Your New Normal

A baby grew inside your uterus. And came out of your vagina or through abdominal surgery. No easy feat and something that should not be taken lightly. Understand that physically, things have shifted. Even if you are back down to your pre-pregnancy weight, it may be distributed differently. Things sometimes just FEEL different and we carry ourselves differently post-baby. This is all okay. And sometimes, adjusting to your NEW normal takes time. Which brings me to my next point...

2. Take Your Time

The biggest tip that I will offer both of you is to take your time. Both partners are going through grand transitions at this time. Even the partner who didn't carry the baby is going through a lot. Emotionally, there is a lot going on and to wrap your mind around. A lot of times, sex is the furthest thing from anyone's mind when both parents are taking care of a newborn. Take as much time as both people need. Honor your own desires, and talk openly with your partner about how you are feeling. Communicate what is going on inside your mind to your partner. Even if you two are on different pages, you will know where each other stands.

3. Intimacy

Trying to jump right into physical intercourse or relations may be hard on one of you. If this is the case for you, perhaps try to focus on intimacy and closeness. Feeling secure and comfortable with one another will help foster the environment for sex after baby to happen. It will happen… and sometimes it takes time. And that is okay.

To drive this point home again, the only acceptable answer about when it is okay to resume sexual relations after childbirth is when both partners are physically and emotionally ready and consent freely.

Any sex after baby success stories out there? Comment below, we would love to hear!

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