The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation in Your Home


The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation in Your Home

Having your placenta encapsulated is a great way to regain energy, help your milk supply, and rebalance hormones in your postpartum period, and there are many factors to consider. While placenta encapsulation has been practiced for thousands of years and can be completed by most people in relatively simple steps, having a trained professional encapsulate your placenta ensures that it is prepared safely, properly and sanitarily.  Trained encapsulators follow strict guidelines for safe handling and thorough sanitation to protect not only the encapsulator, but the client from cross contamination of bodily materials and bloodborne pathogens. Many encapsulators practice within their homes, but at Doulas of Denver, we prefer to process a placenta in the client’s home. Here are some reasons why this is great option:


Having your placenta processed within your home is so convenient! Sometimes getting your placenta discharged to another person from the hospital can be complicated. By taking your own placenta home and having an encapsulator meet you there, you simplify do the handoff. An encapsulator brings all of her materials and equipment right to your house -- which can be a huge relief as you transition into your postpartum period.  A new baby brings about many changes, and worrying about getting your placenta to an encapsulator or picking up your capsules is the last thing you want to worry about.

 Safety + Peace of Mind

Completing the processing of your placenta within your home reduces risk of contamination and therefore ensures not only the client’s safety, but the encapsulator’s as well. The risk of contamination or transfer of bloodborne pathogens is reduced significantly. Your body matter is kept within your home and you can be sure that the encapsulator will take all the necessary steps to keep your house and your placenta clean. You get the peace of mind knowing every step is completed thoroughly and safely within your own home.

 Get to know your encapsulator

One of the greatest benefits of having your placenta encapsulated within your home is that you are as present as you want to be throughout the process. You have the time to ask your encapsulator any questions, be clear about dosage, and learn about all the benefits of ingesting your placenta. The expert is right there in your kitchen!

 Get to know the process

There are lots of different ways to prepare a placenta for use postpartum. Capsules can be made using raw, steamed, or Traditional Chinese Medicine methods. In addition, encapsulators can make prints of your placenta, take photos, and make salves and tinctures. Having your placenta processed within your home with your encapsulator on hand gives you the opportunity to figure out which methods and products may be best for you.

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Written by Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and Labor Doula Skylar VanSteemburg