Postpartum Prep eCourse


New moms deserve to thrive, not just survive!

You've heard horror stories about becoming a new mom. You don't want to be caught off-guard.

You want a plan. You want to know what to expect.

Which is why I created Postpartum Prep. This class combines preparing families for postpartum just as much as they are for birth. It gives soon-to-be new moms actionable steps that they can take to ensure their own defined success postpartum.

The saying "Happy, healthy mom, Happy, healthy baby" is a foundational premise of this course.

By including Postpartum Prep in your experience, you will feel confident with my guidance and support in conjunction with your doctor’s care. Let's do this together and have some fun!

The Postpartum Preparation Course for First Time Mothers, $97

  • 6 lessons in video format with templates to accomodate
  • Actionable steps and examples to set you up for the most successful postpartum time
  • A 30 minute coaching call with Krystal before baby comes to ensure preparation and all questions are answered
  • A beautifully designed and customizable Postpartum Plan Template that will be your guiding point if things get rough
  • The one course created for brilliant women becoming first time mothers... which means everything is relavent to you as a modern-day woman

Module One: Pleasure The guilt-free version of motherhood. Self-care is a word being thrown around a lot right now, without a lot of intention behind it to get to the root of issues. In module one, we explore the topic of pleasure, and designing a postpartum lifestyle that includes it.

Module Two: The #1 Issue Women Face Postpartum  Going back to work. Staying home. Isolation. Burnout. These are all real issues that women in America are facing. Module two talks about it in depth and what can be done to help.

Module Three: Partners/Spouses Husbands and soon-to-be new dads, this module is for you! Partners innately want to help, but often are left unsure or confused about what will actually help. This module is directed towards partners, helping them help you.

Module Four: Postpartum Mood Disorders The non-clinical, real-life easy to understand description of postpartum mood disorders. Know what is real, know what is a myth and know the signs to look for in yourself.

Module Five: The Keys to Success Postpartum The benefits of this module include the action steps that you can take to thrive! Keys: Sleep, Community, Predictability! ALL things that you can influence and have some control over!

Module Six: Resources + Bonuses All of the resources you will need the first year after you have a baby. Also, schedule your coaching call with Krystal at this time to be sure you are on the right path! (Hint: by taking this class... you are!)

Won't you invest in yourself, your family, and your experience by being prepared and ready for postpartum? Once you are ready, join us at I look forward to a fun-filled class with you!