Postpartum Doulas, Night Nannies and Baby Nurses in Denver


We are often asked if we have night nannies and baby nurses. The short answer is, “yes”! All of our postpartum doulas can go into night nanny or baby nurse role without hesitation. We have both newborn care specialists and postpartum doulas on staff. As professional postpartum doulas, we are specifically trained in supporting families during the postpartum time. Our postpartum care does not only revolve around the mother or only the baby; we support the entire family. In short, we do what the family needs us there to do. We are there to offer emotional support, physical support and educational support to families. We are highly aware of what is happening during postpartum and can use our expertise to best support you. We understand all the parenting philosophies available and can help your family understand them and help you choose what is best for you. With a postpartum doula, you can rest assured knowing you will be emotionally supported while also being physically cared for as well.

There a few differences to describe to clients about postpartum doulas, night nannies and baby nurses.

Postpartum doulas are specifically postpartum experts with the goal on helping mother and family adjust to the new family member. The postpartum doula is there to physically and emotionally support everyone in the ways they see fit. While a night nanny, is there to take care of the baby and other children, and only really wake the mother if absolutely necessary. And while a baby nurse exclusively is taking care of baby and most likely not other children in the home. It should also be noted that baby nurses in Denver should not call their profession a "baby nurse" unless they hold a nursing degree.

The bottom line is yes, our team can certainly support you if you are looking for a postpartum doula, baby nurse or night nanny. The Doulas of Denver team is happy to serve you the best way you need. Whether you are mainly looking for that night nanny, or if someone more of an expert on systems and information about postpartum, we are there for you! Night nannies, baby nurses and postpartum doulas are wonderful professionals to have in place to help everyone heal, rest and enjoy their new family member. We are so passionate about supporting families in Denver with these services. Give us a call today if you are considering having support in the postpartum time.