3 Ways to Optimize Your Postpartum Experience


If Doulas of Denver could select three ways to help new mothers heal and bond with their baby postpartum, these three will certainly top the list. These are all helpful, and one of our postpartum doulas would be happy to support you in any of these capacities.

Quality Rest

We all understand that it is generally biologically normal and expected for newborns to generally be awake for 2 hours and sleep 2 hours at a time. But that does not mean new mothers cannot get quality rest. New, first time mothers should rest when baby is resting and especially if it is nighttime. To support this, it is imperative partners and mothers have a plan that supports both of them getting adequate rest. During the nights, if mother is breastfeeding, the partner can help by bringing baby to mother to nurse then taking baby when mother is finished. The partner can then be with baby until the next feeding, and then the mother can nurse and be with baby after that feeding. Mother and partner can switch off like this throughout the evening. With this plan, both parents are optimizing sleeping opportunities. During the nights if baby is being fed bottles, parents can take turns for each feeding. Another factor that is key to quality rest is mothers feeling unburdened with housework. New mothers should not feel obligated or anxious about keeping their house as clean as it was before baby (unless SHE truly wants that). Realistic expectations need to had about what the house can look like after baby’s arrival. If a perfectly clean house is really important to both parents, a cleaning service once or twice a week for a few weeks could be a great investment and could make everyone rest a little easier. Quality rest is so important, for both parents. It will foster more patience, cognitive function and happiness for all parties involved if both parents are afforded the rest they so very much deserve.


With postpartum depression more common than once was thought and understood, emotional support and emotional awareness postpartum are incredibly important. First time mothers need to know the signs to look for in regards to postpartum mood disorders and feel understood and loved if they feel they need professional help in addressing it. There should be no shame in seeking help (though there often is) so partners should be aware of the tenderness and love that needs to be utilized during this time for new mothers. Loving, emotional support can also be helpful when new mothers are navigating motherhood in the early days. It can be daunting and scary taking care of a new baby and transitioning to role of “mother”. Having someone who loves her and supports her facilitates the process. This can be the role of the partner, or hiring someone like a postpartum doula can be helpful as well.


First time mothers need to be able to be nourished so they can make the most out of their energy that they do have. Healthy food will be energy and sustenance for the new mother. Meal registries can be helpful during this time as long as the food is nourishing and the food is left on the door step without the new parents having to entertain guests. There will be plenty of occasions where time is of the essence and fast food will have to be an option for dinner, meal planning and grocery shopping can be the first step in the right direction of healing physically and emotionally postpartum.

If you are pregnant or just had a baby and need some help navigating the postpartum experience, give us a call so we can help facilitate you having joy and success in your home. You can reach us at 720.675.8343 or email us at krystal@doulasofdenver.com. We would love to support you!