Maternal Restorative Package


Our Maternal Restorative package is designed for mothers who would like to take a step forward in their postpartum healing, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon dedicated to only to them. Carefully created to include a private, one-hour yoga session, a belly binding and a vaginal steam, Skylar will come to your home and help support your postpartum healing through these relaxing activities. Belly Binding

Belly Binding is a postpartum practice found in cultures all around the world. Using the Malaysian method of Bengkung belly binding, Skylar will weave a beautiful strip of dyed muslin around your hips and abdomen to support your postpartum body, and teach you how to do it yourself! When used consistently, the belly wrap can help to pull the separated abdominal muscles back together, stabilize loosened ligaments, improve posture (especially helpful during nursing!), and strengthen pelvic muscles.

Vaginal Steam

Relax and give your V some love! Vaginal steaming is a traditional wellness practice thought to promote healing, balance hormones, and relieve pain in the postpartum period. Seated on a slatted chair or clean toilet in a private room, you'll allow the steam from a blend of safe herbs known to support postpartum recovery to rise onto the permeable and blood vessel-rich tissues of your vulva and vagina, providing a gentle and restorative healing experience.

Postpartum Yoga

Enjoy the benefits of postpartum yoga in the comforts of your home with Skylar, our certified yoga instructor. She is able to nurture you through your practice, while giving you individualized instruction to optimize your postpartum healing.

Give our office a call to schedule your restoration session. By taking care of yourself, your entire family will benefit from your efforts. Our office number is 720-675-8343 or just send an email to to get your session scheduled.