Taking My 4 Year Old to The Nutcracker's Professional Ballet, a photo essay


When I watch Faith do ballet, I am always so moved by her attention to detail (definitely didn't get that from mama!) and her desire to try something new. She is also okay with the repetitive motions and movements, and her ability to not find boredom in this process is so astounding to me. Mainly because that is so not in my skill set! Taking Faith to the ballet was not a decision I arrived at lightly. A lot went into it and we are both so happy we enjoyed this special time together. I asked her if she wanted to go see professional ballerinas dance and she said "yes!". I purchased tickets for our day-date as mother and daughter and decided to get seats on the 4th balcony. Since she is only 4, I wanted to be able to exit as quickly as possible if she decided she was no longer enjoying it. I told her from the beginning that we can leave if she gets uncomfortable - or simply just does not want to be there!

In the weeks leading up to it, I let her listen to the Nutcracker soundtrack to allow her to become familiar with the songs and music.

The morning of, we went about our day as normal.  I put her down for an early nap - which she did great with - and when she woke up, we washed her hair and I did my own hair and makeup. We got in our dresses, took a few photos, and headed on out!

We drove to the Opera House and there was a light snow covering the streets and the air. It was so beautiful!

During the show, Faith was able to stand up to see, since we were on the 4th balcony and there was no one behind us!  The intermission came at the perfect time, and we enjoyed more snacks!

Surprisingly, she didn't ask a lot of questions during the ballet. She just took it in and watched and was able to behold the performance for what it was.

Another mother sitting near us leaned over and whispered to me "Careful, it goes fast". She had her 10 year old daughter with her, and we smiled at one another. Knowing that you really, really can't blink.

Afterwards, we drove home and she fell asleep quickly in the car. I went and parked at an Italian restaurant and let her finish her nap and when she woke up, we enjoyed a pasta (and gluten and cheese and mmmmmm...) dinner together.

This will be a day I will remember forever. One that we both enjoyed, and I will look back on fondly.

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