How to go on Vacation with Your Spouse


As a mother to two young children, I really struggled with the idea to go on a vacation with my husband without them. Admittedly, I felt nervous, guilty, unsure, anxious and upset when thinking about the vacation my husband and I had agreed to and planned. We planned it 9 months in advance so I would have time to warm up to it, but that really didn't help either!

What did help was really thinking about the reasons we decided to take a trip together. That we missed alone time together and we are so much happier and more connected and disagree more effectively when we have had quality time together. I knew this was the right decision, but it still wasn't easy leaving them.

My natural state is not to be super organized and systems/process oriented. It is something I will do when I feel anxious or nervous, but it is not something that I would typically do otherwise. To help myself feel better about our trip, I prepared a Caregiving Manual and I am outlining the sections below.

My children were in the loving, capable care of their doting Grandparents who watch them at least 2 days a week anyways, so I am sure this book was completely unopened. Having this binder organized helped me feel responsible about us being gone.


Faith and Berkley's Caregiving Manual 

Table of Contents:

1. School

2. Nighttime Routine

3. Doctors

4. Activities and Locations to Visit

5. Friends of Krystal

6. Acceptable Restaurants and Menu Items

7. Insurance Information

8. Medical Power of Attorney

9. Temporary Custody Agreement

10. Flight Itinerary and Hotel Information



Drop Off between 8:00am-8:45am

Pickup between 2:30pm-3:00pm (sharp)

Teacher's Name, phone number and email address

Nighttime Routine and Care

  • If Berkley wakes up during the night:
    • Make him a two ounce bottle
    • Change his diaper
    • Bring his blanket to the chair and cover his legs and give him the bottle
    • He can hold his own bottle
    • When he hands it back he is ready to go back into his crib
    • Put him on his back or side and cover him up with the blanket
  • If Faith wakes up during the night:
    • She will usually lay outside her door
    • Say “Faith, go back to your bed”
    • She might want some more water, you can get this for her (2 oz) while she walks back to her bed
    • Cover her up with her blanket and give her back her stuffed animals or water
    • Give her a kiss goodnight


For immediate assistance, call 911. For illness that is undoubtedly not related to an allergic reaction, call our pediatrician. For any related allergy reaction, call our allergy doctor.

  • Pediatrician Name, Address and Phone number
  • Allergy Doctor Name Address and Phone number
  • Preferred Hospital Name, Address and Phone number

Activities and Locations to Visit 

We have memberships to most of the places listed below. The membership cards are included in the sleeve of the binder.

  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Children’s Museum of Denver
  • The Wildlife Experience
  • Denver Zoo
  • Little Monkey Bizness
  • TreeHouse Discovery (call first to see if they are at capacity and for hours)
  • Little Park in the neighborhood

Friends of Krystal

 All of these friends listed have agreed to offer any advice, support, encouragement if you have a question about something.

Friend 1 and Friend 2 listed with contact information and child information (age, name). I chose friends that had agreed to be put on this list and that I knew would be friendly and kind to our parents in case they had a question! 

Acceptable Restaurants and Menu Items

  • Panera
    • Peanut butter and jelly
    • Yogurt pouch
    • Apple
    • Grilled Cheese
  • Pizza Doodle
    • Egg free pizza
  • Chipotle
    • Kids Quesadilla
  • Pasta Jay’s
    • Pizza

Insurance Information

Insurance cards are included in the sleeve of the binder.

  • Company
  • Group #
  • Issuer #
  • ID #
  • Cardholder's SSN
  • Cardholder's Employer

Medical Power of Attorney and Temporary Custody Agreements

These are forms you can receive from your lawyer or there are templates online if you wish to use these. Have your attorney give you guidance on whether you need these and also consider any wills that you may want to update. 

Flight Itinerary and Hotel Information 

Hotel name, address and phone number

Flight numbers, airline information and seat assignments


For any parents planning a long trip without your little ones, hopefully this list will give you some guidance on how to prepare for it! Be sure to talk with your lawyer before signing any documents. We are very fortunate to have Grandparents who "get it" and I highly doubt they even needed any of this information. But it helped me to make this list so that's what matters! :)


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