Baby's First Library


Mr. Cleaver has always had immense affection and love for literature. From a young age, he was often reading in his spare time, even at a time when video games were becoming more readily available. Graduating with distinction with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature was only the most natural step. Now, as a 5th grade teacher with a K-6 teaching license, he shares his contagious love of reading and literature with children everyday. Doulas of Denver is proud to offer Mr. Cleaver's "Baby's First Library", a custom book compilation service. By understanding your parenting philosophies, personal values and ascribing his professional knowledge, Mr. Cleaver will custom-create your child's first library. You can rest assured each book will have specific reasoning for being added to the personalized collection and you can find the joy in reading with your child, without stressing about whether you have the "right" books or the time to understand what is current and considered important.

Your library will arrive packaged beautifully alongside a detailed catalog, with the reasons each book is included, and an optional follow-up bonding exercise suggestion for book.

Contact Krystal at for more information about this package. We look forward to being a part of this very important step in your family's life.