Meet Owner of Doulas of Denver, Krystal Cleaver


What is the best advice you've every received?

That no dream or aspiration is out of reach. To dream big and work hard to achieve those goals. We are in complete control of our success! 

Describe your perfect sandwich. 

I love turkey and artichoke with a spicy mayonaise! Or a fancy grilled cheese on a good bread with bacon and tomatoes.

What is the last book you read?

I am reading a lot of Brene Brown right now. Apparantly being a mother, wife, and having a career and running a business requires a bit of... encouragement :) 


What are your other interests outside of working as a doula?

As a mother to two very young children, I like to find the balance of being active with them and also cozying up and hanging out at home. A trip to the grocery store with my little ones can easily take up an entire morning :) We also like to go to museums and Botanic Gardens when we are feeling more adventurous. Also the pool! 

I also like working out at the gym. After almost 10 years I have finally convinced my husband to join me, so we are doing a lot of fitness classes together right now. I like to weight lift and do circuit training. I ran a half marathon in the past year… but that is not something I will be doing again! LOL! 

What is your favorite "guilty pleasure?”

I have a lot of them! Please don’t judge.. but here goes. Binge watching television shows on Netflix. Orange is The New Black, Weeds, The Office, Parks and Rec…. I could watch TV all day! I really have to be responsible and intentional about what I am doing when I watch TV and check myself often. Also I LOVE desserts! So yeah… eating ice cream while watching Netflix could pretty much be a form of Heaven on Earth for me!


Describe your greatest success and moment of biggest fear.

I would say my general early adulthood was filled with fear often, and my greatest success right now feels like my published article on The Huffington Post writing about that journey.

Describe your perfect day.

Allow me to paint you a picture. I wake up on vacation on a tropical island to the smell of salty ocean and the hug of humidity. I enjoy the day not bothering to watch a clock, but rather the sun's position as to what time it is. My husband and children and I play in the ocean, while taking breaks to reapply sunscreen and eat snacks. We end the day with a beautiful dinner on the beach, filled with silence as we are all happily exhausted from the physical play and bonding that took place. 

Oh wait, like real life perfect day? Some slight modifications. I wake up and the children are playing with their loving Grandparents so my husband and I are free to do whatever we want.  I love to shop! So going shopping either at SOL and getting a new bra, or perhaps going to Nordstrom and getting a few new things. Then, I would go to Brown Palace and get a facial. Then, we would hop on over to Hillstone or Elway’s for a nice dinner, complete with dessert, of course. There would obviously be no traffic. We would then come home and our children would be quietly going to bed and will have had a fun filled day with their Grandparents, and not missed us at all! So we would climb into bed and binge watch some Netflix! One can dream... right!?

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Krystal on a more personal level through this interview. Questions were provided by her team of doulas.  Pictured above is Krystal with her daughter, age 2.5 at the time.