Postpartum Preparation Class at The Gator Loft on April 2, 2016


There is so much emphasis on birth preparation, which is great! This workshop is designed to equally prepare families for postpartum and the physical and emotional changes that take place. I assure you… postpartum is MUCH longer than birth and this workshop will give you the tools and information to set you up for the most success.

During this class, you will learn information about:

  1. The number one difficulty women in America face postpartum
  2. How to optimize opportunities to rest
  3. Ways that partners and family members can support this experience
  4. The number one frontline defense against postpartum mood disorders

After learning about the above topics, you will leave with a postpartum preferences template that you can fill in and have a plan for your own success.

This workshop is $50/couple and reservations are required. Fill out the registration form below, take care of the class tuition here and come join the postpartum expert on Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 2:00PM to 3:30PM at The Gator Loft in Parker, Colorado.

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