Interview with Denver birth photographer, Jennifer Mason


Doulas of Denver loves Jennifer Mason with Jennifer Mason Photography! She is a birth photographer who offers photography at all of Denver's birth locations. We love that she supports births of all styles, and offers beautiful photography for maternity, birth and newborn. Her artistic vision is truly incredible, and she is also very personable. You feel feel instantly connected to her, and enjoy her as a person as well as a professional photographer. We recently sat down with Jennifer to interview her about her experiences as a birth photographer.  

Q: What do you love most about photographing births in Denver?

A: Denver is a great area for birth photography because it’s really progressive and has a great birth community. Most hospitals have a positive view of birth photographers and allow us to capture the intimate details of birth. There are amazing birth centers and homebirth midwives who are even more opening to birth photographers. This transparency allows people to view images from births and the miracle of new life.


Q: Why do you feel birth photography is important?

A: When I had my daughter, my plan was to have a natural birth at a birth center, my doula was a photographer and I wanted images of her birth! Plans changed and I had a c-section in the hospital, after a long induction. My doula was not able to stop applying counter pressure to my back, for my sunny side up baby. Which meant there were only a few photos from labor. When my daughter was born, via cesarean, I didn’t get to see her for more than 10 minutes. I never saw her freshly born, never saw her first cry, I heard my husband describing her, but that wasn’t enough. I felt like I missed out. It was then, that I knew birth photography was the path I wanted to continue on. I want other families to have the option to see their child born, and remember all the nuances of labor through my photos.


Q: Do you like photographing births at all Denver birth locations? (hospitals, Mountain Midwifery birth center, home births)

A: I am happy to photograph births wherever my client’s desire. Whether they are choosing a hospital birth with medication, or a homebirth with no interventions; I am there to support them and tell their story. I love working in hospitals because the lighting is amazing and that always helps a photographer’s job. But homebirths and birth centers are even more welcoming of photographers and I love to see families in such an intimate space. All are very different settings, but it doesn’t take an amazing setting to capture such emotion that happens when labor and birth happens.


Q: How do you feel when you attend a birth where a doula is present?

A: Relieved and very happy! I find that families have the birth they desire, much more often, when they have a doula present. They are also well informed families because doulas do a great job of providing information to their clients. The doula also provides another layer of love and support for the entire family. And that love shines through in the photos. Some of my favorite images are because the doula helped the dad support mom better.


Q: Being a birth photographer is an incredible job that seems to require an equal amount of responsibility. How do you spend time with your family during time that you are not at births?

A: We have a pretty busy household, so I am never bored! My daughter is three and she is very active, so we spend time keeping up with her, we also have a dog named Belle and a flock of chickens.   When we aren’t attending to someone at home, working on our house, yard or gardens, we are hiking or visiting one of the amazing Colorado breweries.


Q: Do you also offer newborn and maternity sessions?

A: I love working with families throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Usually my birth clients also book me for maternity and newborn or family photos. I love that my clients keep coming back to me; I get to watch the amazing newborns grow into little people. It’s an honor to be a part of someone’s birth, and even more of an honor to stay in touch with families and watch the babies grow!


Q: If there is one thing that you think your clients would find fascinating and surprising about yourself, what would that be?

A: hmm…that’s a good question. Well, I am pretty strong willed and determined and I like to learn things. When I was in high school, I taught myself how to ride a unicycle, juggle, and a crazy amount of ‘yo-yo’ tricks. I also ran a marathon and used to run every day, I ran over 900 consecutive days in a row from 1994-1997.


If you are considering having a photographer photograph your birth, Doulas of Denver highly recommends talking to Jennifer Mason. You can visit her website at