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Doula Services

In the Denver and Surrounding Areas.

Doula Services

In the Denver and Surrounding Areas.

Childbirth Class

In this class, you are given the tools, information, and evidence for you to decide the best way for you to have a your baby, which will help you to not be scared of childbirth.

You will learn how to decide whether you prefer and epidural or no epidural. You will understand what a contraction feels like and what to expect at the hospital when you arrive. You will never feel pressured to have a certain style of birth with this class.

This private class will welcome discussion and questions, and is designed for all learning styles. You will have a participatory role in deciding the content for the class. Meaning, if there is something you would like extra time and resources dedicated to, I am happy to do that for you.

The beauty of a private class taught by a certified childbirth educator and is that Krystal’s speciality is teaching childbirth education to new parents.

Class Topics: 1Birth Choices and Goals 2.  A Healthy Pregnancy 3. Labor, Birth and Variations and 4. Comfort Strategies

Approximately 3-4 hours, depending on your needs.

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The Postpartum Preparation eCourse for First Time Mothers

New mothers deserve to thrive, not just survive! You may have heard stories about sleep deprivation, and difficulties coping. You want a guilt-free version of motherhood! You want a plan and you want actionable steps to take to love and enjoy your postpartum time.

This 6 module online course is the FIRST of it’s kind and the saying “Happy, healthy mom.. happy, healthy baby” is a foundational premise.

This class is not for martyrs or those otherwise immune to the effects of sleep deprivation!

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Breastfeeding Class

 This private breastfeeding class offers education on breastfeeding basics, physiology, milk compositions, pumping, warning signs of complications and possible challenges.

Most importantly, this class is specifically tailored to you. As this is a private class, we will be able to confidently address concerns you have in a setting you feel comfortable with.

Approximately 2 hours. 

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