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Doulas of Denver Blog

Providing Doulas Services In the Denver and Surrounding Areas.

Doulas of Denver Blog

Providing Doulas Services In the Denver and Surrounding Areas.

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Iowa StateFair 2017

It is with great pleasure to announce Contractor Positions Are Available for: Postpartum Doulas Newborn Care Specialists Doulas of Denver LLC is a company that provides exceptional, high quality newborn care and postpartum doula services to professional parents in the Denver area. Contract candidates must be certified, insured, and pass a background check. Candidates must also […]

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Healthy Sleep: Tips for Putting Baby Down Awake

Premium Quality Goods

Here are some tips on starting good, healthy, and safe sleep habits right from the start. One of these habits is putting baby down drowsy but awake. There is some gold here in this blog and I am going to keep this short and sweet! As soon as baby starts to appear tired (90 minute […]

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Because of the Formula, not In Spite of the Formula

Because of the formula...

Because of the Formula, not In Spite of the Formula You are a great mother. You choose to feed your baby in the way that feels best to you. You understand that being able to quantitatively measure how much baby is getting has benefits. You choose courage, facing a society that shames new moms for anything and everything. You […]

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What’s Dangerous and Heartbreaking for a New Mother

What's Dangerous and Heartbraking

It is dangerous and heartbreaking that sleep deprivation is a risk factor for postpartum mood disorders, yet new moms often face that burden often alone. It is dangerous and heartbreaking that new moms are left with little maternity leave and then return to work when newborns are still frequently night waking and the mother has only […]

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Beach Essentials For Baby

Yellow Jacket Social Content- Doulas of Denver- Baby Beach Essentials

A day at the beach should be a relaxing retreat, and these beach essentials for baby are designed to keep your baby safer and make traveling to the beach a lot easier. The biggest concern with infants and toddlers at the beach is the sun and heat. These beach essentials are easy to carry, and will […]

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Pros and Cons To That Peaceful Pacifier

Doulas of Denver- The Peaceful Pacifier Blog

Sometimes amid the screeching and crying of your baby it’s easy to daydream of a magic button you could press to convince them to stop crying and relax, if only for a moment. Behold! I bring you… The pacifier. The invention from some sort of genius sent to parents as a beacon of hope in the […]

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Family Friendly Activities Around Denver

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.09.42 PM

Finding the perfect summertime activity can be tough when you have kids of various ages. With school out, your days of relaxation have gone out the window and you are now ready to adventure with the whole family. Here is Doulas of Denver’s go-to guide for family, baby and toddler friendly summer fun in Denver! Its a […]

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Are Doulas Allowed in Operating Rooms?

Are Doulas Allowed in Operating Rooms for a Cesarean Birth?-2

Are Doulas Allowed in Operating Rooms? The least favorite answer for the research lovers and those who love definitives; it depends. It depends on the hospital, the staff, the anesthesiologist, the doula, the policies, and many other factors. When I first began my career as a doula, I could never have imagined the growth the industry would take and that I […]

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How A Breast Reduction Changed My Life

Me, in Turks and Caicos 2 months prior to surgery.

When I say that a breast reduction changed my life for the better, it is because I feel like every aspect of my life has benefited from it. It is something I truly believe and every day I am still in awe over how I feel due to it. After having two children less than two […]

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The Dark Side of Sunshine | Protecting Your Family From The Sun


Whether you are heading off to a tropical vacation or just spending some time soaking up the great outdoors in Denver it is important that the whole family is protected from the sun and it’s harmful rays. “Oh Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. golden sun. Please shine down on me.” Aside from providing our bodies with vitamin D, which […]

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